It all started when I was hiding Pokemon cards (sings the jingle) at my best friends house. Many of nights we would spend what little light the moon gave us searching for  the cards we already hid (being 6 is hard). Ironically we actually lost my rarest card.

Eventually after days of not finding the card we expanded our search party with lunch boxes courtesy of mom and dad. The quest was too difficult for the two of us so we recruited a reinforcement. We were serious about finding the card, so we decided to give each other roles. I was the healer, best friend was tank, reinforcement was the mage. We had many foes on our adventure, one being the level 6 tree.  Bestie was utterly defeated by the tree as he was half its level. We tried to help him but got 1 shot. As we were about to give up, one of the girls from school walked past and offered us lemonade. We named her chef. Chef joined the party and the quest continued.

It was a tough 3 days, but our party was finally complete. It wasn’t long before we found the card. When we found the Charizard we whipped out our Gameboy handhelds and battled for ownership. We played for who can get the highest score in Pacman. With Adrenaline pumping and blood boiling, hours went past and we forgot about the prize. Ever since that moment we have tried to replicate that feeling.


Ready Fight is an idea that we have been developing for the last 7 years. We wanted to provide South Africans with a professional platform to play games competitively against global standards. We aspire to proactively lead the South African eSports community into a professional and respected industry.

We encourage sportsmanship amongst competitors. We aim to provide a safe and respectful environment. Our referees will treat all players equally and ensure all games run smoothly.

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